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Root Cause Failure Analysis - RCFA

FMRIM@Root includes comprehensive root cause failure analysis process based on consideration of the incident to the deviation from the Process Safety Management System.

FMRIM@Root connects individual elements of failure sequence of event to comprehensive analysis of deviation of active, contributory and PSM elements.

FMRIM@Root physical failure is analyzed by using data repository of component information, including failure modes, failure mechanism and failure probabilities. The software and system is designed for corporate web application.

“Root Cause” associated with fundamentals of how the organization carries out its activities relative to design, operation and maintenance of hydrocarbon production and processing.

The primary aim of incident investigation is to identify the root cause of a problem in order to create effective corrective actions that will prevent that problem from reoccurring in other operations and circumstances.


Definition of the Root Cause

RCFA Inductive Process investigates the Root Causes of an incident by considering incomplete and ineffective elements of the Process Safety Management (PSM) System

RCFA Inductive Process provides a risk metrics to identify and analyze PSM risks is by assessing the amount of variance relative to the completeness and effectiveness of analyzed steps in the Sequence of Events.

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Investigation of Challenge of Incident

Process Safety Management (PSM) System should ensure that changes do not result in operations outside of established safety parameters.  This need to become essential component of a plant’s process safety system as degradation and non compliance can occurs daily in a hydrocarbon processing plant.

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