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FMRIM@Risk includes comprehensive process including risk data transmission and analysis.

FMRIM@Risk provides a series of templates to input and assessment of maintenance and operating risk data.

FMRIM@Risk provides a process to integrate decision making and problem solving based on control of risk that can lead to failures. The software and system is designed for corporate web application.

Our proven FMRIMS process gives an organization these advantages:

  • Strategic clarity about your mission, objectives, and organizational expectations;  
  • A culture of FMRIM Excellence; 
  • Best practices in advantageous system and processes; 
  • A well led and orchestrated improvement journey;

Superior organizational alignment and execution.

Taking the journey toward achieving FMRIMS typically begins with making an initial step-change improvement, followed by a continuum of incremental enhancements, and resulting in a significant, sustained competitive advantage.

Our approach has helped oil and gas client benchmark, assess and respond to challenges in the global marketplace that were undermining their ability to compete effectively.
Operationally excellent companies outperform the market by a several factors improvements ( SA Maintenance Index (MI) of 40 $/EDC compared of pacesetter MI of 7 $ / EDC).

Among the attributes they pacesetters used to reach their performance are:

  • A clear vision among senior managers of the role of operations and its impact on business results.
  • Super responsiveness to ever-changing market dynamics
  • Commitment to implement pacesetting strategies that add value for existing customers and potential markets.
  • Streamlined improvements of cost, integrity reliability and availability.
  • Superior knowledge and performance management.
  • An impressive level of ownership and productivity among the workforce on shop floor lead by operators.



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