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FMRIM@FacStrategy  is an innovative and unique enterprise software package with a proven ability to deliver improvements in operation, maintenance and bad actors re-design to achieve pacesetter availability, maintenance and operating costs. The software and system is designed for corporate web application.

FMRIM@FacStrategy  is the first product to quantitatively connect operation, re-design and maintenance tasks considering effects on failure modes, failure mechanism and reliability.  This link provides the direct connection to a clear ROI for a activity and / or program.

FMRIM@FacStrategy  includes industry's most comprehensive oil and gas industry data repository of component information, including failure modes, failure mechanism, failure probabilities, operator, maintenance and re-design tasks, intervals, and effectiveness based on customer defined risk tolerance criteria. 

FMRIM@FacStrategy includes over 600 common infrastructure components, thousands of operation, maintenance and re-design tasks, failure mechanism and failure modes codified from extensive number of years of experience.

FMRIM@FacStrategy  was developed considering upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. 


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