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Training Program Developed and Applied to meet the Clients Business & Effectiveness Needs

A comprehensive operation, reliability and maintenance skills training program.

Norcan Reliability Engineering Training Manual outline training courses  designed to enable clients to develop a successful knowledge competence for employees to reach the pacesetting performance in today competitive environment.

In today’s competitive business environment, where competition for talented and trained workers is intense, it is critical that clients invest in a comprehensive operation, reliability and maintenance skills training program not only to alleviate the qualified employee shortage, but to retain key personnel who can help the client move into a pacesetting business performance.

An effective, pacesetting technical training program which starts with the effectiveness targets, skills assessment and training objectives based on accomplishment of business goals, is the way forward.

Client business effectiveness goals are basis of Norcan Reliability Engineering
Training Program.

Benefiting on years of productivity experience Norcan Reliability Engineering can recommend a training solution that caters for the needs of client organization from the shop floor to top management.

We can assist clients to identify skills deficiencies by conducting a Business Effectiveness Gap Assessment and Training Needs Analysis (TNA) assessment, which can then be followed with custom made training courses that provide business results, directly transferable to the client expectations and shop floor work practices.

Clients attending Norcan Reliability Engineering training courses will learn and gain knowledge from experienced facilitators with firsthand knowledge of acesetting best practices. Training is based on practical examples, preferably from Client operating problems, and it’s aimed at providing tools and resources free from jargon and dogmas. Unifying, bringing together traditional wisdom and contemporary reliability best practices proven at pacesetting organizations. Training is open-minded; offered in spirit of inquiry rather than authority. Offered programs are universal; relevant to all personnel including shop floor, maintenance, operation, technical, supervision and management personnel. Teams during the training are encouraged to play in organised team setting with the knowledge they are acquiring.

Norcan Reliability Engineering looks forward to seeing all our clients at our
training courses.



Click here to download  (over 150 pages of comprehensive RELIABILITY ENGINEERING TRAINING MANUAL)

Challenges Facing Industries in Developing Nations

Norcan Reliability EngineeringTraining Manual defines the way forward for developing countries oil & gas & petrochemical industry relative to building and retaining human resources and provide “HOW-TO” guide to develop technical competencies required for effective and world class operation.