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PAS 55,Asset Management Standard, Implementation Through FMRIMS and MAINTintellegence Synergy

British Standards Institute's Publicly Available Specification 55 (PAS-55-2008), Asset Management provides organizations with a framework for establishing good practices in asset management.

PAS 55 provides:

  • a standard and consistent approach which also delivers a level of continuity to asset management service delivery over the life cycle of the project
  • less susceptible to be affected by system administration personnel changes during the term of the project due to the robust framework
  • a clear definition of asset management which can be understood at all levels and by all staff disciplines
  • a framework which promotes a continuous improvement business culture
  • widely accepted as a world-wide specification for organizations seeking to demonstrate a high level of professionalism in managing their physical assets
  • the asset management plan is based on a reputable and sustainable reference source which can be used as a base reference to maintain asset management system continuity and sustainability
  • the asset management framework can compliment and be integrated with existing organization strategic plans and support management systems, e.g. safety, quality, environmental flexible to changing strategic plans

Today’s industry is plagued with nuclear disasters, fires, oil spills and fires. This is putting specific pressure on the need for good asset management with increased expectations from companies, regulators, and shareholders at a time when assets are becoming much more interconnected, instrumented, and intelligent.

The PAS 55 standard need to be supplemented by expertise, best practices and business processes to ensuring safety, reliability and maintenance effectiveness across the growing assets manufacturing base and is aligned with management systems within the manufacturing organization.

Industry needs specifics “HOW TO” guidance to implement PAS 55 as a comprehensive management system.

FMRIMS (Facility Maintenance Reliability Integrity Management System, Norcan Reliability Engineering) & MAINTintellegence Asset Management (©DMSI Reliability Maintenance, Maintenance Management System, Asset Management System, Condition Monitoring Systems) provide “HOW TO” expertise for PAS 55 implementation!

FMRIMS & MAINTintellegence can provide knowledge, processes and software and leadership to Customers desiring to implement PAS 55 requirements.

Here is a copy of PAS 55 download - a 44 pages Report for you to make reference to.

Developing asset management plans with PAS 55 



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