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Reliability Centered Maintenance 

FMRIMS@RCM - Reliability Strategy Philosophy: Building Blocks Of Effective Reliability Cantered Maintenance 

  • Failure patterns: Recognising the correct maintenance (PM), operation and redesign task for individual failure pattern through the comprehension of failure mechanism. 
  •  Looking into the effects on the maintenance PM and equipment operation to define how failures develop over time 
  • Effect, consequence and criticality: Choosing the correct maintenance PM, operation and redesign approach by carefully considering all operational circumstances
  •  Maintenance tasks: Identifying the most effective maintenance PM and operating task to achieve optimum efficiency of the programme and optimum equipment life
  • Collecting the right feedback data to enable continuous improvement and optimisation of the maintenance programme
  • Assessing how it all fits together: Combining all the building blocks to ensure the safety and reliability levels of the equipments

An Overview on the Objectives and Expectations of Reliability Centered Maintenance




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