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FMRIMS@RBI Software, is basis in API Publication 581, Base Resource Document – Risk-Based Inspection.

Practical, valuable features are built into the technology, which is based on recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices.

The purposes of the FMRIMS@RBI are summarized as follows:

  1. Screen operating units within a plant to identify areas of high risk.
  2. Estimate a risk value associated with the operation of each equipment item in a refinery or chemical process plant
  3. Prioritize the equipment based on the measured risk.
  4. Design an appropriate operation, maintenance, re-design and inspection program.
  5. Systematically manage risks associated with equipment failures.

FMRIMS@RBI software features include:

  • Analysis for pressure vessels, tanks, piping and pressure relief devices.
  • Three levels of analysis from qualitative > semi-quantitative > quantitative.
  • Automated operator, maintenance and  inspection planning.
  • Consequence values expressed in terms of risk per unit area, risk per unit  per year, financial risk, matrix cell location and provide the options to factor injury, equipment damage, downtime costs, and toxic, explosive, fire damage, and environmental effects into the analysis.
  • Consequence models for various fluids and gases commonly encountered in the refining, petrochemical and chemicals industries.

FMRIMS@RBI will evaluate a long-term view of the sustainability of the assets based on industry experience of similar plants and processes operating greatly beyond their design lives including exiting material suitability assessment as well as material operating envelope considerations.

FMRIMS@RBI will consider the current and future expected condition of all the operating assets, static and rotating equipment, civil, control and electrical

FMRIMS@RBI  includes industry's most comprehensive oil and gas industry data repository of component information, including failure modes, failure mechanism, failure probabilities, operator, maintenance and re-design tasks, intervals, and effectiveness based on customer defined risk tolerance criteria. 

FMRIMS@RBI includes over 600 common infrastructure components, thousands of operation, maintenance and re-design tasks, failure mechanism and failure modes codified from extensive number of years of experience.

FMRIMS@RBI  was developed considering upstream and downstream oil and gas industry.



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