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FMRIMS@QUALITY provides consultation and training, project and team facilitation, and metrics development and reporting to clients reach quality and effectiveness competitive, best in class, performance.

“World Class performing organisation learns faster and better than competitors through benchmarking … through sharing and implementing best practices … by learning from experience, and through continuous learning and personal growth” 
   Derr, CEO, Chevron, 1995

FMRIMS@QUALITY Quality Management Services are based on Dr. W.Edward Deming’s PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) model and are used to help organizations to satisfy their customers and become more efficient and effective in their work processes.

FMRIMS@QUALITY is a methodology that manages all efforts to reach the excellence.

FMRIMS@QUALITY consultant's initial role is to carry out an organizational assessment. This includes a review of the organization's structure and the current processes that are in place to support both the performance review and reporting of departments and committees.

Simultaneously, the existing policies and procedures that relate to the quality management processes are reviewed, and an inventory of existing and planned data sources and methods of data aggregation and dissemination is taken.

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